Urban wear from Sápmi
coming this fall

An ancient culture from the arctic walks the urban streets of the world

This is Gobmi/Ghost. The clothing brand presents the ancient Sami culture through young design and fresh esthetics

Created by two sisters from Áltá, located in both Sápmi and Oslo, G/G is found in between the rural and the urban. With a modern approach they revive the ancient story of a unique people at the edge of the world. Gobmi/Ghost is a wave of individuality and uniqueness sent from Sápmi and out into the world.

Vuođđuduvvon guokte oappážiiguin Álttás eret, sihke Sámis ja Oslos, G/G gávdno doloža ja urbána gaskkas. Ođđamállet vuogis soai ealiheaba dološ muitalusa áidnalunddot álbmoga birra máilmmi ravddas. Gobmi/Ghost lea bárru individualitehtain ja áidnalunddotvuođain mii boahtá Sámis máilbmái.

From Sápmi

Sápmi is a cultural region in northern Scandinavia that stretches over four countries from Russia in the east, through Finland and Sweden to Norway in the west. This is the original home of the Sami people, Europe's only indigenous people. The Sami is a diverse group, spread over four different countries with as many as eleven (very) different languages, and consists of all types of people from the reindeer herder on the tundra to the urban Sami in the city.

Sápmi lea guovlu davit Skandinavias mii gávdno njeallje riikkain, gitta Ruoššas nuortabeale, Suomas, Ruoŧas ja vel Norggas oarjebeale. Dát lea ruoktu Sámi álbmogii, Europa áidna eamiálbmot. Sámi álbmot lea girjás álbmot, juhkkon njeallje riikii ja geain leat oktanuppelot (hui) sierralágan gielat. Sámi álbmogis gávdnojit buotlágan olbmot, boazodoallis gitta urbána gávpotsápmelažžii.


In an industry where sustainability and ethical production is rarely a priority, Gobmi/Ghost focuses on just that. The one thing that characterizes the diverse group of Sami people is their connection to nature. This is also one of G/G’s central values. G/G chooses sustainable material for their products and cooperates with clothing factories that focus on an ethical production, both for the environment and the workers.

Industriijas gos guoddevašvuohta ja ehtalaš buvttadeapmi hárvet vuoruhuvvo, Gobmi/Ghost čalmmustahttá juste dan. Juoidá mii govvida girjás Sámi lea álbmoga oktavuohta lundui. Dát lea maiddái G/G guovdilis árvu. G/G atná guoddevaš ávdnasiid iežat buktagiiguin, ja ovttasbargá bivttasfabrihkain mat čalmmustahttet ehtalaš buvttadeami, sihke birrasa ja bargiid ovddas.

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