Our story

The sisters Live and Hanna from Áltá discovered their Sami heritage when a family member got old and sick and suddenly spoke Sami. Growing up in the middle of Sápmi close to Sami culture, it all suddenly made sense. 

This day was the beginning of a journey where the sisters take back their culture and identity that almost got lost in generations before them. Gobmi/Ghost is part of this journey. Their mission is to create a collective universe where diversity, sustainability and positivity are the central values.

Oappáš guovttos Live ja Hanna Álttás eret fuomášeigga iežaset Sámi ruohttasiid go fuolki boarásmuvai, buohccái ja fáhkka sámástišgođii. Go leigga bajásšaddan gasku Sámis ja Sámi kultuvrra bokte, áššit fáhkka orro áddehahtti.

Dát beaivi lei álgga. Oappáš guovttos álggaheigga mátkki váldit fas ruovttoluotta kultuvrra jaidentitehta mii masá lahppui buolvvain sudno ovdal. Gobmi/Ghost lea oassi dán mátkkis.Sudno ulbmil lea ráhkadit máilmmi gos valljivuohta, guoddevašvuohta ja miehtemielatvuohtaleat guovdilis árvvut.


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